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Severe Shoulder Pain is more than just a problem that makes us not do the things we love and supposed to do. It could be something more than that and as troubling as it may seem, it is important to know the cause before it becomes something chronic. Yes, chronic shoulder pain is possible and you could experience it if you leave it untreated.

To start, A Chronic Shoulder Pain is something that developed from existing shoulder pain. If you’ve ignored a shoulder pain and wondered why it hasn’t healed or why it worsened, then you’re having a shoulder pain that is chronic. As severe as it may seem, there are several treatments you can do to ease the pain. But before moving to that, we need to find out or know what’s causing it.

Chronic Shoulder Pain Causes

Chronic Shoulder Pain Causes

Frozen Shoulders – Frozen Shoulder causes more than just pain, it could also give them immobility and stiffness. Even at rest, you may feel severe pain and you don’t want to feel that at all. If you do have this, you can take medication or at worst case scenario, undergo surgery. Be sure to consult a professional to know the most suitable treatment for your Frozen Shoulder.

Arthritis – Arthritis is also a possible cause for Chronic Shoulder Pain. This is because the bones in the affected area experienced a “wear-and-tear” condition, causing them to rub against each other which leads to severe pain. It may sound bad but it’s actually treatable with several therapies. Though, worst case scenario may need surgery and replacement in some areas.

Rotator-Cuff Complications – As the most common cause of Chronic Pain, Rotator-Cuff Problems has been one of the most troubling conditions that cause severe pain. The Rotator-Cuff is the muscles and tendons that connect the ball and socket joint of the shoulders, giving us the ability to use our arms in several directions. Diseases and Tears can also be experienced in the said part which of course could lead to pain. It sounds troubling but inflammation medicines and therapies could actually relieve it.

As you can see, these shoulder pain causes may sound bad to you but that doesn’t mean they can’t be treated at all. Treatments can come as easy as medication, to even physical therapies. But as mentioned, if the worst happens, surgery might be needed. Some may actually recommend having them replaced but the result will restore your mobility for sure.

To make sure that you won’t ever get it in the future (or again if that’s the case for you), make sure that you get proper workouts. You also need to watch your lifestyle which includes how much sleep you get and what food you eat. These little things factor on your health and can keep you pain-free moving forward.

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