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Whether you’re walking on the way to work or doing your daily morning jogs, you might’ve experienced knee pains every now and then. Since the knees are vital parts of our daily activities, it is not a hidden fact that they’re just as prone as the other joints. This means that once you do face an accident or a health problem, knee pains are possible.

Some knee pains may not be as long as the others but some other people do face it for a long time. These pain rarely goes away with simple treatments. They may even cause excruciating pain which poses as a problem later on. Are you feeling something similar? If so, then you’re probably experiencing chronic knee pain.

What Is Chronic Knee Pain?

Chronic Knee Pain in simpler terms is something that is not temporary and could last longer than usual temporary or average knee pain. You can consider it chronic if you’re experiencing long-term pain, sensitivity and even soreness on both of your knees. While causes may differ from one another, it is assured that they all have treatments.

No matter how major or minor an accident is, chances of chronic knee pains are still possible. Continuous movements and strenuous activities to name a few could also lead to these since overexertion could also affect the knee or if there’s an underlying case, it could worsen it as well.

Further outcomes could lead to fractures, dislocations or torn ligament to name a few and pain from these could be considered chronic. Yet, prevention of these could be as simple as warmups and stretching before undergoing the activities.

It’s also highly possible that you can get chronic knee pains from severe underlying causes. From muscle tissues to any other relevant parts, medical conditions are possible and it can affect any part of your knees.

Examples of these are osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, tumors or even infections. Since these vary from one another, treatments may not be the same as the other. If this is what you think you’re experiencing, then never hesitate to visit a professional to confirm everything. Experts may recommend treatments from medication, therapy to even surgeries but that depends on how worse it is.

Avoiding Knee Pains

Everyone wants to avoid knee pains. That’s a fact. But it’s still possible that you may get it. May it be from your lifestyle or even your diet, chances of you getting the pain would high if these are poor.

Lifestyle – Your lifestyle could encourage further knee pains. If you do not watch your weight, for example, it is possible that you’re damaging your knees. Other causes could be from vices such as smoking and drinking as these could also promote conditions that you do not want to face.

Exercise – To start, exercising lessens further risks of several complications. Even if it’s just a casual walk or even a vacation swim, these activities could help you lessen further complications that could lead to knee pains.

Sleeping – Getting enough exercise is good but you should always match it up with good sleep as well. Exercising could be tiring and if you do not rest your muscles, you’re just furthering the chances of you getting knee pains and you do not want that.

There are several causes of Chronic Knee Pain but whatever it may be, it is for sure severe. So do not ever prolong it and you can do so by consulting a professional who can recommend the best treatments to get you back to normal. And who’s the best professional who can help you? Don’t look far. Head on to and schedule yourself an appointment. We’d guide you on every step you’ll take towards recovery.