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Regrowing hair nowadays has tons of alternatives. From shampoos to even injections, everything is now accessible. With Hair Transplant, you can get the hair that you once had fast and naturally. No matter what procedure you opt for, you can expect the best results at all times.

Hair Transplant consists of two procedures but the methods in doing so differs. These methods are the FUE and FUT. The Follicular Unit Transplantation harvests a patch of hair from the sides. On the other hand, the Follicular unit extraction extracts individual hair follicles from the same area. These extractions will then be transplanted directly to the balding spot once done.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant

Advantages of FUE Transplant

FUE Transplant is always believed to be the better of the two. It has a huge range of benefits that still gives you the result that you want. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

  • No Visible Scars – This is one of the most known benefits of FUE Transplant. Since the procedure extracts individual hair follicles, the only scars you’ll get comes in the tiniest form possible. This means that even with the shortest hairstyle, no scars will be visible.
  • Minimally Invasive – FUE provides minimal discomforts compared to FUT. As mentioned above, the process will only puncture tiny holes from the donor and the balding area. This means that once the procedure is done, the pain you’ll feel wouldn’t be too extreme.
  • Natural – Having your hair growth from a recent FUE Transplant will always look natural. Since the hair comes from your own scalp, you should expect hair growth that maintains the similar aesthetic that you once had.
  • No Trauma – Since this hair transplant procedure doesn’t come with any major damages, you can expect minimal to zero trauma at all. Even the side-effects that may appear wouldn’t be too bothersome at all.

Fast Recovery – As mentioned above, the procedure doesn’t require major surgical procedures. With that being said, once the procedure is done, you can recover as fast as days.

Am I Qualified For This?

Despite the enticing benefits, FUE is unfortunately not for everyone. There are several conditions that you should meet before getting the procedure. Do you think you’re qualified? Let’s see below.

  • Balding Condition – Patients who had large balding spots haven’t had much success with this Hair Transplant. So before you consider, make sure you consider the recency and the size because you wouldn’t want to waste your money on something that would show no effect at all.
  • Balding Cause – Patients who are experiencing hair loss are great candidates for hair transplant. Yet, the cause should be natural. If the cause was from a medication or an undiagnosed condition, there are chances that FUE will not work at all.
  • Age – It is recommended to have your hair transplant if you’re over 25 years of age with a long balding experience. If you are below the said age though, you may not experience the same result as the ones who had it at the advised age.
  • Density – Your current hair density plays a huge part on your prospective hair transplant. Basically, if you have thin hair on your sides, then that’s a major sign that you’re not qualified at all. That is simply because the hair thinning will continue even if you transfer it to another spot.

As one of the top procedures, Hair Transplant is truly the best option for hair regrowth. With its on-going fame in different countries, it gets to show how effective it is as a method. Not all can get Hair Transplant though. Aside from the fact that it is costly, several conditions should also be met to have one. So before you decide to have one, make sure that you’re qualified enough to undergo the procedure.

Have the best hair growth here with Joel Singer, MD. With over decades of experience, we can assure that you’ll get the result that you need. We have options for you and hair transplant is one of them. Book a session now and we’ll figure out what we can do to get you to grow back your crowning glory.