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Whether you heard it from a famous athlete or widespread hearsay, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has truly made its name as one of the top alternatives in treating injuries. From its proven scientific benefits to added therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is something that you should consider should you want a faster yet effective recovery.

Benefits of PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy has varying amounts of benefit. Mainly, professionals use it to encourage fast healing of wounds and reduce further inflammations. This very reason alone gave it the fame that it has now aside from the fact that it’s the number one go-to of most star athletes of today.

To dive a little deeper, the use of PRP Therapy helped in reducing pain, relieving stiffness and improving several cases of osteoarthritis. Studies also proved that people who sported injuries and considered PRP therapy showed improved results. The study added that the healing factors of the therapy encouraged collagen synthesis which further initiated a faster healing process for the damaged tissues.

The Process

At the beginning of the process, the medical expert will extract platelets from the patient as a sample. The sample will then be placed in a centrifuge to further separate the platelets from the other components in the blood. Once done, the extracted platelets will then be injected into the affected area of the injured person.

This process can be done at least 5 times depending on the severity of the injury. Just as mentioned, the extracted platelets will be then highly concentrated which is believed to speed up the recovery once injected.

facts About Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Conditions Treated By PRP Therapy

  • Chronic tendonitis/tendinosis – Several results have proved that PRP Therapy worked the most in healing Chronic tendon injuries. Specifically, the therapy helped in further recoveries of an elbow, patellar and Achilles’ tendon injuries.
  • Acute ligament and muscle injuries in athletes – As one of the known sports injuries, reports also showed that several cases of acute ligament and muscle injuries improved after undergoing PRP Therapy.
  • Joint arthritis – Reports also show that several cases of Joint Arthritis also showed improvements as a result of PRP Therapy. While it is still too early to consider its effectivity, it is one of the go-to’s of people with the said condition.
  • Fractures – Despite the lesser reports on this case, reports state that improvements in treating fractures showed limited yet effective results in healing bone injuries.

Other conditions that showed improvements through PRP therapies are:

  • Hip, knee, and shoulder pain
  • Common sports injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Neck and back pain

The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy may not be as trusted as the other alternatives but the on-going results of major studies that proved its effectivity should be one of the options that everyone should consider when sporting any muscle or bone injury. While it is reported to have side-effects, experts assure that these side effects are limited and do not alter or result to worse severities.

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