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Many people suffer from Hip Pains almost every day. It is something that is not unusual in today’s world given the fact that the hip joints are one of the most used parts in the human body. This also makes them prone to injuries as well, furthering the possibilities of pain in the process. While several issues could cause it, knowing where it comes from will not only provide you ideas of what could be the underlying condition but also the steps on how to relieve the pain that comes along with it.

Causes of Hip Pains

From minor accidents to internal complications, there are several problems could, unfortunately, lead to hip pain. Some of these may actually be treated at home but some may require a visit to the doctor. What you need to do first is always find out what’s wrong or at least have an idea from what could be the underlying cause of it.

To start, there are two root causes for our your hip pains. If you’re feeling the pain in the inside of your hip, there are chances that you may be suffering from bone or joint problems. If you’re feeling pain from the outside rather, it’s more likely that the pain is from a muscle complication.

Having an unhealthy lifestyle can actually add or factor to the pain you’re feeling. Stressing yourself out too much or having an unbalanced diet could also result in several complications such as muscle and bone problems.

Home Remedies For Hip Pain

Home Remedies are always an option when treating hip pains. You just need to make sure that whatever you’re feeling is not harsh enough for you to rely on home remedies. Opting for these when your condition is bad is never advised.

Rest – Having enough rest is always good for the body, especially for your hips. Overusing or pressuring your hips will only result in complications which of course lead to pain. Avoid bending or stretching the area too much as this could affect your hip muscles. Try not to add pressure to it too by sitting too long or sleeping in a poor position in an extensive amount of time.

Morning Exercises – It’s always important to work out in the morning. This will activate your muscles again from the long sleep you had, making it easier for you to move them later on.

RICE – Should you experience pain caused by arthritis, bursitis or any foreground inflammations, the RICE method, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate, is for you. This simple method uses cold compressions to reduce inflammations that cause pain.  To follow the sequence, you first rest your hips and then ice it out using an icepack or anything frozen that is available. Compress the area with the icepack and elevate your hips to prevent it from internal bleeding.

HeatIf you are experiencing arthritis, you may want to try bathing in hot tubs or showers. According to experts, applying heat to your hips will soothe the joints and will further reduce the pain you’re experiencing. This will also condition your hip muscles for further movements.

But, if you are experiencing bursitis rather, this is heavily not advised as such could only worsen the the pain and your whole condition.

Pain Relievers – Over-the-counter medicines can reduce several joint or muscle pains on the hips. May it be inflammation or any underlying causes, OTC medicines are one of the best go-tos that actually work well in alleviating pain.

When To Visit A Doctor

Should any of the mentioned remedies do not work for you, visiting a professional will be your next step. Some of these methods may rather provide relief and not treat the underlying pain and if the pain doesn’t go away, that’s a clear sign that the complication that causes it could have worsened.

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