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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has been one of the best alternatives in today’s world. The idea of using your own blood as a way to treat injuries has sparked a worldwide interest to the public and the demands for it keeps soaring high as the days go by. While there are many uses for it, the said therapy has also made its name for treating knee injuries. May it be for pain relief or total cure, it definitely helped in bettering whatever injury it may be.

In an in-depth view of the process, PRP Therapy is more than an extract and inject procedure. Several things are needed to be considered first before executing the process. Factors such as your health and blood condition may require evaluations first before a professional recommends the therapy.

Once cleared for the procedure, the real process begins. The professional will first take blood samples from you. These samples will then be processed to separate the other blood components and the growth factors. After that, the Platelet Rich Plasma which contains the growth factors will be injected into the area, encouraging growth and promoting fast healing at the same time.

PRP Therapy Knee Related Condition Treatments

PRP Therapy For The Knees: A Short History

Back in 2009, a study was performed on 100 people with knee problems, specifical patients with degenerative cartilage lesions. These patients received PRP therapy as part of the study. At around the 6th month after, they all noticed an apparent reduction of pain within the said area. Though at a full year, they all experienced the same pain which recommended them to undergo more PRP procedures moving forward.

At 2012, a study was also performed on 120 patients with knee osteoarthritis. Participants who had PRP Therapy as part of the study showed improvements in terms of pain and mobility. A similar study was done a year after with the same result of reduced pain.

All these studies reported little to no side-effects as well, meaning that it’s safe and natural with no further risks included. That is because the blood being used is from the patient itself and having to use your own doesn’t really trigger any side effects that could harm your body.

PRP Therapy: Knee Related Condition Treatments

With the on-going research, PRP Therapy has proven to show improvements not only in knee osteoarthritis and cartilage lesions. It also showed improvements in many injuries and other related conditions. From pain to total recovery, studies shown that PRP can still prove its effectivity regardless of the studies performed to test its success.

Sprains and Strains – These two are probably one of the most common sports injuries that could happen to your knees. While there are other treatments for it, PRP is also one of the alternatives for it. It also showed great improvements from pain to the promotion of fast recovery.

Chronic Pain – Chronic Pain can root from numerous causes. Though, PRP still proved that it can help in anything. With the recent studies, it was also reported that the said therapy also aided in bettering the chronic pain in joint problems, knees included.

Whatever injury it is, PRP can help. But then again, you have to make sure that you are qualified for it. There are several conditions that you need to meet before taking the procedure. You need to know that this is experimental as well so if the worse happens, legal procedures could possibly not help you as well. So you have to make sure that you get the best of the best first and make sure you’re at your best condition when having it.

PRP is one of the most cost-effective alternatives for treating injuries. It’s one of the safest one too but studies are still yet to see clear benefits from it. Despite the lack of studies, people still find it convenient. Who wouldn’t want to have their injuries recover fast anyway? In today’s world, everything that encourages conveniences will be more chosen than the ones that may use a lot of time. Planning to get one soon? Make sure to see your doctor first and see if you’re qualified for it.

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