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When the inevitable comes, you have no more ways to get out of it. What you can do though is prepare for it. Knee Pains are common in today’s world but sometimes, it gets too bad that it seeks surgery. While there are a lot of alternatives to have it cured, surgery is still one of the best. At a rather specific tone, a total knee replacement could be your fate.

As scary as it may seem, Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the best treatments in relieving knee pain and restoring mobility. It’s a common practice in the medical industry and should a doctor recommend you to have one, it won’t hurt too much to prepare for it.

Common Questions about Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery is only recommended for those who are suffering from knee pain for a long time. Although there are several alternatives, having it replaced will still give you the best results. From mobility to pain relief, knee replacement doesn’t come with a new joint but with a new set of benefits as well.

Will The Prosthetic Joint Last? – One of the most common inquiries about Knee Replacements is its lifespan. And the simple answer to this is a yes. Prosthetic Knee Joints can last a lifetime. While it is possible that you may undergo another replacement, what you will have initially can last up to 20 years at max.

Are There Possible Complications? – Yes, complications could come at the smallest form of inflammation. Infections are also possible but the experts nowadays have found success in eliminating these complications. With the help of the latest technological advancement in both the medical and medicinal field, problem-free knee replacements are now possible.

Will It Limit My Mobility? – This is another question that comes to a patient’s mind. Despite the fact that your knees are (or will be) prosthetic, it doesn’t take away the mobility you once had. At the first notion of recovery, the doctor may recommend you physical therapy to get it back to its original movements.

knee replacement surgery preparations

Knee Replacement Surgery Preparations

The preparations for Knee Replacement Surgery are simple. The main idea of these is getting you at the best shape before having one. Being prepared mentally and physically is always a must to avoid further complications. So before you undergo a surgery, be sure to follow these simple preps first.

Research – Research plays a crucial role in surgeries. This eradicates the doubts that you have and helps you build trust during the whole process. It also can give you the needed knowledge from the step-by-step procedure to the healing phase. This way, planning your temporary routine will be easier since you know what to do during the said period.

Rest – Make sure you have plenty of rest before the day arrives. Having enough energy helps you lift your moods before the operation. Not only that, it assures that you’re in your best condition because having enough sleep is one of the healthy ways to keep your body healthy.

Isolation – As much as possible, try not to mind your knees for a bit. Although the pain might give you constant notions, it is important to hand the attention you have for it to the professionals since they’re the ones who’ll perform the surgery after all. What you can do is give it the rest it deserves before the big day comes.

Home Remedies – If you find the pain to be really bothersome, try taking some painkillers. It’s the simplest thing you can do to relieve the pain and it wouldn’t cause any troubles later on. Just don’t do anything that could damage it because you wouldn’t want to add more pain and complications before even the surgery comes.

Knee Replacements are very common in today’s world and it shouldn’t be that feared. Having it replaced wouldn’t take away the mobility that you once had at all. There’s nothing bad with having brand-new knees that will help you get back to your daily activities pain and problem-free.

Are your knees aching too much? Maybe it’s the time to get it checked. You don’t have to look far because you’re in the right page all along. Give us a call and we’ll book you an appointment with the best medical experience moving forward. Joel Singer, MD waits for you.