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Hair Transplant has been one of the top alternatives in hair regrowth. As amazing as it sounds, it may have side effects that everyone should take note of. It can come from the most minimal form possible to the most severe case. The side effects of hair transplant may serve as a warning that something may have gone wrong and everyone who had one should always be mindful about each of these possibilities.

To start, how does Hair Transplant work in the first place? Well, it’s a simple process of taking the hair follicles from the donor’s site (back of the head) and then transferred to the balding area. It should be noted that this is a surgical process too so you might want to decide first before going for it.

List of Possible Side Effects of Hair Transplant

List of Possible Side Effects of Hair Transplant

Moving on, let’s now take a look at the possible side-effects after the surgical procedure of Hair Transplant. Remember that some of these may not appear but that depends on your condition or the expertise of your doctor. Though, even with the best, these can still appear so it’s still important to know what can happen to you and your scalp after the procedure.

Pain – Pain is inevitable. Any surgery can lead to further pain and it’s something normal nowadays. This side effect is short-term and can be left alone if it’s not too painful. If the pain persisted though, be sure to pay your doctor a visit.

Swelling – Swelling is normal in most transplants, not just hair. Though, in some cases, you may experience swelling even days after the procedure. Since it is one of the least troublesome side-effects, you can expect it to be gone in a few days. You can speed this up through other means such as ointments and medication but don’t forget to consult your doctor first.

Bleeding – Bleeding is not as likely as the others but it still can happen. In some cases, the doctor would require another stitching but some would rather apply pressure on it. Though, these depend on how bad the bleeding is. Should you think you had the worse one, pay your doctor a visit and find out what you can do.

Thinning – You had a hair transplant but have you ever wondered why it’s rather thinning? You may start to assume that maybe it didn’t work at all but what if it’s just a side effect after all? Yes, thinning is actually a side-effect. In this case, your new hair follicles are adjusting to the new site. Once all the hair falls out, new ones will sprout and you can assure that these are stronger.

Itching – This is another normal side-effect in every hair transplant procedure. Patients may experience itching and reasons for these may vary. Scab Formation could be one of the cause and this is treatable with a simple shampoo. Though, if the itching becomes a little too much, you may want to visit a dermatologist soon.

Cysts – Cyst Formation is one of the rarest side-effects of hair transplant. They may not be as alarming at first sight because of their size but you still need to consult a doctor once you have one.

Numbness – Finally we have numbness. This is also one of the common side-effects that anyone can get and once ignored, it may stay for a long while. If this persisted for more than months though, something serious may have developed. Consult your doctors once your case worsens.

Side Effects are normal but with the best doctor, you can assure that there will be minimal. You should also ask for consultation too and find out if this procedure for you because Hair Transplant is not for everyone. It’s very likely that the surgery may not show the best results if you do not meet the needed specifications. So to avoid the worse from coming, always make sure that you’re in the best condition and you have the best doctor to do it for you.

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