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Whether you’re experiencing a massive amount of hair loss or undergoing a genetically inherited hair fall, you probably wondered how you can grow it back again. From hair growth shampoos to alternative medicines, there are so many options you can try but what about its effectivity? Will it work on you? If not, you might want to give Hair Transplant a try.

As conflicting as it may sound, Hair Transplant actually works. According to reports, the latest procedures gave promising results. Several patients who opted for this option were quite satisfied with the outcome of the surgery. Though results still may vary but this will depend on small factors that affect the outcome such as the health of the donor and the experience of the practitioner.

Getting Started with Hair Transplant

How Does It Work?

There are two known surgical methods for Hair Transplants: the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and the  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). These Hair Transplant techniques may differ in procedures but the end results are similar. Some processes are also the same such as the extraction of the hair follicles at the back and/or sides of the head which are then to be transferred to the affected area.

Follicular Unit Extraction  – The FUE Transplant is the most common procedure for Hair Transplants. The process is simple. First, the surgeon will extract hair follicles from the scalp of the donor and then insert these follicles on the tiny holes on the balding spot. While this was said to be time-consuming, the help of robotics was reported to have cut down the duration of the process without compromising the end results.

Follicular Unit Transplantation – The FUT Process (also known as Strip Harvesting) is quite similar to the process above but instead of extracting single hair follicles, the surgeon will harvest strips of follicles for the procedure. These are then divided into smaller portions and will be further inserted into the affected area through FUE procedure.

Whatever method you choose, these two procedures proved their effectivity on various patients in today’s world. The hair restoration may be time consuming but the results will be visible as early as the first months and moving forward. It could also take a full year for your hair to reach the length and functionality that you desire but that’s up to the underlying factors that could affect it. The outcomes will however for sure make you happy no matter how much time it takes to restore.

Choosing The Right Clinic

While there are several clinics that offer Hair Transplants, choosing the right and the best one may be difficult depending on your location. You may consider flying to different countries for it as most of them may offer it cheaper than the other but will it be worth it? And how can you assure its effectivity?

It’s possible that complications may occur since these are surgical procedures by nature so before choosing a clinic, it’s better to do a background check first. It’s also likely that your body may not accept the new hair follicles as one of the known complications (though rare) but with the right practice, your doctor should be able to correct any complications should one occur. And you can assure this by picking the best clinic for you.

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