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The general idea of hip pain as a common condition has been widely accepted in today’s world. While it is one of the common causes of discomforts in the hips, it’s no surprise that you can get it whatever time possible. In some cases, you can get hip pain at night.

There are several conditions of hip pain that you can get at night. From a simple unhealthy lifestyle to something actually severe, any of these are likely to give you the uncomfortable sensation at night. Getting the idea of what it is will not only give you the knowledge that you need but also what you need to do should it come. Let it be a home remedy that you’re planning or a visit to the nearby doctor’s clinic, the relief that you wished to come will arrive sooner than usual.

Infographics Causes Of Hip Pain At Night

Causes of Hip Pain At Night

The common causes of hip pain that you can feel at night varies from condition to another. From your inner and outer muscles to your connective tissues, everything can suffer from different problems. These pains will for sure give you the discomfort that could pull you up from your bed in the middle of your good night sleep. Of course, these will annoy you at best because who doesn’t want a good long rest from a daily slumber? Knowing them early will help you give you ideas on your treatments and moving forward.

  • Sleep Position – Before going extreme, let’s take a look at the most common yet obvious cause of hip pain at night: sleeping positions. Of course, when you sleep in a position not normal to the body, expect to wake up with the pain. At most times, you can just sleep again and position the hips better. You can wake up pain-free once doing so. Should the pain come in the morning and for the rest of day, consider getting it checked if you don’t have plans in trying home remedies.
  • Repetitive Movements – Do you have an upcoming performance that needed a lot of hip movements? If so, then you can expect hip pains once you head to bed. What you can have from this are strains and sprains which is the number one outcome of repetitive motions. The best yet cost-effective treatment for this is rest but should you want to fasten it, apply the R.I.C.E Method.
  • Bursitis – There are a few bursts located in the hips and these fluid-like sacs keep the joints from causing friction. Bursitis is the inflammation of these tissues that of course will lead to pain once it’s there and worsens Common treatments for these are some few anti-inflammatory medicines and at worst, surgeries.
  • Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis is one of the common causes of nocturnal hip pain among the aged. This age-related condition triggers the wear-and-tear of the tissues around the joints. Once it does, the pain that comes with it causes a sensation at the most extreme if not the most discomforting.
  • Pregnancy – Hip Pains at night are one of the conditions that happen during pregnancy. Since the state pressures the area, it’s no surprise that it can cause hip pain once it gets extreme. Of course, this is only applicable to the females. So if you think the upper part of the list doesn’t apply to you, consider getting a pregnancy test to confirm the speculations.

Whether you have it a day or night, it is important to know what you have to have an idea about what you can do to relieve the pain. Should you fit more on descriptions that were intended for conditions with the most severities, consider getting yourself checked because you don’t want to worsen whatever’s there.

Always remember to stay healthy at all times and never compromise your body as a whole. Do your best to stay out these conditions so you can assure a pain-free life moving forward.

Life is short and getting the best treatment is a must. Get it at the clinic that would give you the treatment perfect for you. Head on to Joel Singer, MD and we’ll give you the treatment that you need at all times.