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Shoulder Pain is something that everyone can experience at whatever time possible. Since the shoulders are one of the few joints that we use every day, there are plenty of things that could happen to it. In most cases, it can give us pain.

While this common shoulder pain comes in various form, most of them are treatable at home.No matter how severe it is, it’s always important to know what we can do to relieve the pain at the very least. Home remedies are there for a reason. They can give you the relief that you need and if you’re good enough, they can heal up fast too.

common shoulder pain fixes

Common Shoulder Pain Fixes

There are a lot of things you can do to fix your shoulder pain. Whether you’re at home or at work, you can find the relief that you need with just a simple rummage. Or sometimes, you won’t have to do anything at all. It all depends on what kind of shoulder pain you have.

Rest – Rest is one of the easiest remedies that anyone should do when sporting a shoulder pain. It doesn’t take anything but time and a bed. All you have to do is restrict yourself from doing anything physical and rest the day out. If you’re lucky, you can wake up to your normal shoulder again.

R.I.C.E Method – If Rest isn’t enough, you can always follow it up with the remaining steps of the R.I.C.E Method (or in a broken down abbreviation, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.) This method is one of the most known home remedies in the modern day. The reason for this is because of its proven cost-effectiveness.

Following the order, you first rest the affected area and in this case, your shoulders. Rest is just as important as the others so try not to miss this.

After that, let an ice pack rest on the area for 20 minutes at max. Try not to do this for a much longer than the given time because that would rather damage your shoulder further. Compress the area after.

Once the area is fully compressed, elevate your affected shoulder to prevent any unwanted fluids from flowing through it. You can lay down on one side so the other would be elevated or if both shoulders are affected, try sitting up instead.

Therapy – Physical Therapy has been one of the recommended alternatives today. It is proven to be an effective option when treating several injuries. Whether you have it now or just got it fixed from a surgery, therapies will be one of the sure things your doctor might recommend.

Medication – If you do not have enough time to rest, sometimes the simple over-the-counter medicines could do the trick. Should you have minor shoulder pain, painkilles may help in bettering your condition. Though, if you think your condition is getting worse, consult a doctor to get the prescribed medicine to make it better.

Shoulder Pain Prevention

Shoulder Pain is normal but having one will always cause problems. You do not want this to halt you from doing your daily tasks. So before it happens, here are some of the things that you can do to prevent it from coming.

Rest – That’s right. Whether you have it or not, rest is very important. You should always know your limits. If you think your shoulders are close to giving up, you should be able to feel it. And once you do, that’s your cue to stop and take a rest. It’s up to you if you want a long one or a short one but always be mindful of what’s the best for your shoulders.

Exercise – Morning exercises should always be a daily part of your everyday routine. Conditioning your shoulder will not only make things easier for you but also prevent it from sporting an injury later on. You can begin it with a simple stretch, followed by a nice set of cardio and end it with a relaxing cooldown. Up to you.

Basically, what you would want to have is a healthy lifestyle. From exercise to diet and to even having good rest, it all matters. In the end, they will all help you in preventing injuries, not just on your shoulders, but in any joint possible.

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