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Knee pain is normal and sometimes, we get it the most unfortunate time possible. You’d be lucky enough to have it close to a clinic or hospital. But let’s be real, there’s also a high chance that you’ll get it from a place where the nearest institution is miles away. That’s why having the first aid in every establishment is important. No matter what injury it is, having the basic treatments can help even at the very least.

treatment for knee pain

First Aid Treatment for Knee Pain

First Aid doesn’t just come from a box of remedies. It’s more than that. You can have any injuries treated through several methods that may need things outside of the box. From clean towels to even boiling water, the options vary and being resourceful is just as important as the things inside the first aid kit.

RICE Method – One of the most accessible treatments in any establishments is the RICE Method. This procedure is the simplest yet effective method in treating most knee pains. The process includes resting, icing, compressing and elevating the area to relieve pain and prevent it from worsening. You’ll be needing a medical strap or a clean towel and a couple of ice pack to do successfully perform this method.

Medication – Sometimes, even the simplest pain killer works. Check your kit for some and try taking one and see for any improvements possible.

Heat – Using heat is not something everyone should consider for any knee pain. While heat does relieve pain, in most cases, it can also promote swelling. It is recommended to use heat only for muscle tensions as this can encourage the area to relax and reduce pain. Otherwise, if the pain is more than a tension, do not use heat at all.

Ointments and Creams – If possible, there are also chances of you finding ointments or creams in your first aid kit. Ointments help relieve any injured area from pain. These remedies are one of the oldest yet proven to be effective ways in relaxing the area from pain. Yet, it should also be noted that rubbing cream or ointment is the same as applying heat. Since you do not want to add further damages, be extra careful when opting for this. You have to make sure that the area is having tension and not experiencing swelling at all.

Bandages – In a slightly related matter regarding the RICE Method, having a sole compression also helps. You can do these with the help of bandages or any possible supports. Though, it should also be noted that having a tight compression can actually not help at all. Since that way, you are cutting the blood flow which you do not want to happen at all. So if you are planning to compress the area only, make sure that it is clean and wrap it tight enough for the blood to flow continuously.

When To Seek Professional Help

If the first-aid failed to give relief to the existing pain, then it’s a likely sign that something complicated may have happened. What you can do now is pay the nearest professional a visit and have it checked. There are things that may have developed and you do not want that to worsen further.

Also, if the pain is from a cause that is beyond identification, then that is the time to rush yourself to the emergency room as well. There are possible causes for pain such as animal bites, burns, skin problems or even referred pain that could be serious. Knowing how bad these are is a clear not that immediate help is needed.

More so, there are also signs that you should take note of before rushing yourself to a doctor. These signs may be simple but what’s causing them may not be. These signs include long-term pain, extreme pain and, swelling.

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