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Shoulder Pains are normal in today’s world. Some cases could be treated in a few days after feeling it but sometimes, it could be a cause of something bad. While most cases are easy to treats, there are chances that you may be developing something that could take long and costly when it comes to further treatments. Yes, Chronic Shoulder Pains could be a sign of early stages of Lung Cancer.

That probably scared you but fear not, only a few cases of shoulder pain are related to Lung Cancer. In fact, your shoulder pain could be a cause of simple inflammations or muscle complications but something this severe could not be the case for you. Still, let’s take a closer look at how Lung Cancer influences pain reaction on our shoulders.

Lung Cancer-Related Shoulder Pain

Before we dive a little deeper, let’s take a look at how Lung Cancer relates to Shoulder Pain. To start, it is a known fact that shoulder pains are one of the few early signs of the said cancer as mentioned above. These pains are what we call Referred Pain which means that you feel it in the part, in this case, your shoulders, but the cause rooted from somewhere else.

Though, if it is related to cancer, shoulder pain is one of the signs. There are other cases that the head, spine and even your eyes could be affected. Let’s take a look at the kinds of lung-cancer shoulder pains that could serve as an underlying cause.

Pancoast’s Tumor – This type of cancer grows mostly at the top of your lungs and as its effect, it can activate the pain signals on your shoulders, arms, spine, and even your head. In further details, you may experience severe shoulder pains as one but several more difficulties could come after. This is called the Horner’s Syndrome where you can have eye difficulties such as eyelid weakness and one pupil shrinking to name a few.

Mesothelioma – Being exposed to asbestos can harm your health and in worst cases, you can get Mesothelioma in doing so. While this is the least possible cancer that could give you shoulder pain, studies revealed that 14% of patients who had this cancer experienced shoulder pain.

Metastatic Lung Cancer – From the least possible case to the most severe condition, you can develop, Metastatic Lung Cancer is also possible. This lung cancer only gives you shoulder pain once the cancer cells spread on different parts of your body such as bones, muscles, and organs. Since the lungs are relatively close to the shoulders, the chance of it spreading to your shoulder blades is possible and once it does, pain should be expected.

As you can see, there are several conditions that you should feel first before considering your referred pain as a cause of lung cancer. So if you’re experiencing shoulder pain but you don’t have an underlying cause of cancer or other problems related to your head or any other parts, then it is safe to say that it’s a muscle or bone problem.

Should you feel something worse than this or think that this fits your condition, a visit to the doctor is your next move. You do not want to suffer and prolong whatever is happening and if you do, it’ll worsen. So make sure you visit the best doctor in town and who may that be you ask? Look no further. Joel Singer, MD will help you at all cause. Head on to our page and contact us. Let’s discuss the best options for you.