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Anterior Hip Pain is one of the most common hip pain with many possible causes. While it is one of the most confusing origins of hip pain, knowing what’s causing it could come in ease. With the simple knowledge of all the prospective causes, you’ll have an idea of what it is and what to tell your doctor to confirm it.

Whether you’re a dancer or not, you are prone to Anterior Hip Pain. Since the hip is one of the main joints of the body, using it is normal. But with the diversity of the human population, there are people who use their hips more than usual basis. These people exert more efforts in moving their hips which always lead to various hip problems. More so, the usual Anterior Hip Pain is one.

Anterior Hip Pain Causes

Anterior Hip Pain Causes

As mentioned, there are several causes of Anterior Hip Pain. Whether it’s a bone or muscle problem, knowing them could give you an idea. And by learning what it is, you’ll know the level of severity which gives you the go signal for your next doctor visit.

Sprains And Strains – These are one of the least concerning cases of Anterior Hip Pain. Both of these are the results of overexertion. Strain comes when you overstretch your muscles while Sprain comes from a tiresome workout or activity.

One of the most common treatments for this is resting. The span of recovery could take a week at max but with enough rest, you can get it back to normal in a few days. Should it not heal within the said timeframe, consider getting it checked to know if a further complication developed.

Labral Tear – Labral Tear is a common cause of hip pain in most athletes of today. The condition comes with a sharp pain in the front hip and lasts even at rest. It is usually felt after strenuous activities or simply another cause of overexertion.

The treatments for Labral Tear varies from the severity of the condition. If it’s not too complicated, a simple medication could help. But should you have the worst case of it, expect a possible surgery. Either way, it is recommended to have it checked at the earliest stage possible so further complications wouldn’t develop.

Bursitis – Bursitis is one of the common source of pain in most joints of the body. Since the hip is a joint, there’s no doubt that it could suffer from bursitis as well.

The anterior of the hip holds two bursas. This is located at the top and the bottom of the region. Once each or both of them swells, it is possible that it’s bursitis. The usual pain it gives is usually from sitting positions and when at rest at night.

Medicating the area is one of the most known treatments of Bursitis. Usually, doctors would prescribe anti-inflammatory medicines to stop it from developing further. Therapy may also be recommended but should the worse happen, surgery should be rather expected.

When To See A Doctor

With varying stages, it is important that to know the level of severity of any of these conditions. Some of these are treatable at home with the simple R.I.C.E Method or with simple rest. But if the pain becomes extensive and extreme, then it’s a sign that something bad developed. Take this as an important sign that immediate help is needed.

Taking care of your hip is easy. With a simple exercise mixed with a healthy diet, you can assure that you won’t face any of these in the future. It is also important to know your limits because you do not want to overstretch your muscles and if you do, you’re heightening that chances of getting any of these. Always remember to stay healthy at all times and get the rest that you need if you feel tired for the day.

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