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Shoulder pains are very common in today’s world. Since we use our shoulders in most of ur every day activities we do, we can’t deny the fact that they’re more prone to possible injuries and pains than any other joints in our body. From poor postures to muscle complications, our shoulders could give us pain any time.

The shoulder gives us a huge range of physical movements. Since both shoulders are connected to each arm, they are open to an extensive range of mobility, which could prove to be a threat to any further pains or injuries. These pains could be a cause of underlying complications or from a minor accident that occurred to you. While the list of possible causes may be a lot, knowing your condition could help you learn more about the next steps towards recovery.

5 Causes of Shoulder Pains

Causes of Shoulder Pains

Rotator Cuff Disorder- is the most common cause of shoulder pain of all possible reasons. Since it is the group of muscles that we use to move our joints and keeps it in place, chances of it being damaged or injured are high. Repetitive physical activities and trauma involving the shoulders could result to the said disorder.

Rotator Cuff Tear – It is also likely that your shoulder pain could be a cause of an underlying Rotator Cuff Tear. Unlike the first one, the Rotator Cuff Tear could cause severe complications other then the existing pain. What’s worse is you may not know when it could happen but studies show that physical activities is the number one reason for it.

While home remedies such as the RICE method could help it heal, some doctors may actually recommend physical therapy depending on the severity of the condition.

Dislocation – Since the shoulder is one of the ball-and-socket joints in our body, dislocation is highly possible. From the world itself, dislocation is a condition where the arm bone gets detached from the shoulder socket, causing pain and swelling around the area. Sporting one could restrict shoulder movement and further instability.

Frozen Shoulder – Frozen shoulder causes pain and stiffness around the area. People with the said condition will also feel restriction from movements and experience pain in varying levels. While the condition or cause of it is unknown, several people who experienced had it for an extensive amount of of time that could take years to “thaw” out.

Other Causes – Aside from the ones above, there are several other more causes that could also lead to possible pains as well. Mostly they are from muscle complications or bone problems but these two could occur at the same time. Bursitis as one could also lead to painful complications that could give your shoulder more than an aching sensation. Other conditions could come in forms of arthritis and inflammations in certain tissues around the shoulder.

When To Consult A Professional

Should you experience a much more complicated condition, seek medical help as soon as possible. Complications are highly possible and not treating it as soon as you can could lead to severe infections that could lead to pain and potential immobility. Your shoulders are precious so utmost care is highly recommended at all cause.

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